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What are disadvantages of Plantation Shutters?
One disadvantage of plantation shutters is their cost. They come with a heftier price tag than many other options. They also require more intensive care to maintain than other window coverings such as blinds or curtains and regular cleaning and maintenance can be a chore. 
What do you do with current window treatments?
Yes. The added convenience of this service can reduce a potentially time consuming and difficult task from an afternoon or weekend-long laborious undertaking into a simple and straightforward process, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your new window treatment.
How long does it take to install Plantation Shutters?
How long it takes to install plantation shutters depends entirely on the size and style of your space; if it's a simple window, installation can be within a few hours. For large windows or sliding-glass doors, the job could take more than a day depending on the complexity of your order. 
How long do Plantation Shutters last?
Good news: these stylish window coverings have an impressive life span, often lasting for decades if taken care of correctly. They will usually last 20 - 25 years if the paint and hardware are kept in good condition; in some cases, they may even last longer. 

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Plantation Shutters
Kyle, TX
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